Sport: Odd Assortment

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Wallace (6-ft.-4-in.) is a modest graduate of the Kentucky coal-mining country. All season long he has been scrapping with Wilt Chamberlain and Chet Forte for big-college scoring honors, while his exasperated coach keeps urging him to shoot more often. But Grady prefers to feed the ball to his teammates. When he does decide to cut loose, he can connect from outside as well as from under-the-basket melees.

University of Kansas' lanky (7-ft.-2-in.) Wilt ("The Stilt") Chamberlain is the most publicized college-basketball player in a generation. Before he graduated from a Philadelphia high school, the pros were squabbling over him; more than 140 colleges were bidding for his services. Still far from his prime, Wilt is just too big for most opponents. Ever since The Stilt arrived in Kansas, the university field house has been sold out for almost every game. Chancellor Franklin Murphy goes into weekend seclusion to avoid rabid fans "prepared to trade their honor for two seats." Even if Wilt Chamberlain never achieves his tremendous promise, he will easily earn the trust fund that wealthy Kansas alumni are rumored to have put aside as his graduation present.

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