National Affairs: Common Colds & 'Copters

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Appointed as a judge of the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, West Virginia) Clement F. Haynsworth Jr., 44, of Greenville, S.C., an Eisenhower Democrat and "country lawyer" with a record of no affiliation with groups on either side of the school-segregation issue. C| Nominated as Assistant Defense Secretary for Public Affairs to succeed Robert Tripp Ross, who resigned under Senate fire over a Defense contract awarded to his wife's firm (TIME, Feb. 25), Murray Snyder, 45, longtime (1953-57) White House Assistant Press Secretary. Able, Brooklyn-born Murray Snyder was a newsman (Brooklyn Eagle, New York Herald Tribune) before going to work for Jim Hagerty, is married and has two children. Cracked Hagerty in oblique response to Ross's unhappy departure: Mrs. Snyder's business (she is also a skilled landscape painter) is "raising children." C| Named as Assistant Army Secretary for Civil-Military Affairs (Army Engineers, river and harbors work, etc.) Missouri's Dewey Short, 58, longtime (1929-31, 1935-57) Congressman who got a surprise defeat in last November's elections. Republican Short, for many years a member or chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, succeeds George H. Roderick, who moves back to his old job as Assistant Army Secretary for Financial Management.

^ Prepared to receive French Premier Guy Mollet (see FOREIGN NEWS), who is scheduled to visit Washington this week for two days of top-level talks.

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