Cinema: CURRENT & CHOICE, Nov. 23, 1953

The Living Desert. Walt Disney's first full-length film of nature in the raw. Seldom mild, often cruelly beautiful (TIME, Nov. 16).

Decameron Nights. Spicy stories by Boccaccio; with Joan Fontaine, Louis Jourdan (TIME, Nov. 16).

The Little Fugitive. The camera follows seven-year-old Richie Andrusco on a wonderfully photogenic lam through Coney Island (TIME, Nov. 2).

The Actress. Ruth Gordon's hit comedy about stagestruck adolescence; with Spencer Tracy, Teresa Wright, Jean Simmons (TIME, Oct. 19).

The Captain's Paradise. Alec Guinness as a ferryboat captain who manages to have a wife (Celia Johnson and Yvonne de Carlo) in each port (TIME, Oct. 12).

The Robe. The first CinemaScope...