Restricted Trade

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Last spring President Eisenhower sent three conservative governors, Colorado's Dan Thornton. Texas' Allan Shivers and Pennsylvania's John Fine, on a fact-finding mission to Japan and Korea. Last week the three governors presented their report to the President. It carried a startling recommendation: Japan, in order to resist the siren call of Communism, must trade with the Chinese Communists.

Japan's pressing problem, said the three governors, is self-support. "To accomplish this all-important economic necessity Japan must have access to resources and markets in Southeast Asia ... It is difficult for the free world to absorb the full output of a vigorous Japanese economy. Therefore, we recommend limited and controlled trade with Red China as well as increased trade between Japan and her non-Communist neighbors. The former must be so restricted and so regulated that it will help develop a program of self-subsistence for Japan and not build up Red China's war machine. . . . This does not mean that recognition of the leadership of Red China is recommended or contemplated. In no way at all does this imply diplomatic recognition of Red China, but it does recognize the fact that Japan's largest neighbor, situated closest to her shores, and one of her best prospects for trade, is the 500 million Chinese."

Also recommended by the three governors:

A "vastly expanded" radar and microwave warning system, to alert Okinawa, Japan, Korea, Guam and other outposts in the Pacific, as well as the U.S., against a sneak attack by the Communists. "Regardless of the expense," said the governors, "we feel that this must be done so that there will be no future Pearl Harbors."

A uniform period of overseas duty in the Far Eastern stations for servicemen of all arms. "As it is now, those branches of the service have different periods of service, and that causes a morale and personnel problem that is serious." Consideration of stepped-up use of surplus U.S. agricultural commodities to aid the rehabilitation of the Republic of Korea.