Milestones, Jun. 14, 1948

Born. To Gustav George ("Gus") Lesnevich, 33, light-heavyweight boxing champion (since August 1941—a record), and Georgianna Dobson Lesnevich, 26, onetime model: their third and fourth children, twin daughters; in Englewood, N.J. Names: Georgia Alice, Jill Linda. Weights: 5 Ibs. 10½ oz., 5 Ibs. 6 oz.

Divorced. Vincent Price, 37, Broadway leading man (Victoria Regina, Angel Street) turned silky cinemenace (Laura, The Long Night); by Edith Barrett Williams Price, fortyish, retired stage actress; after ten years of marriage, one child; in Santa Monica, Calif.

Died. Princess Henrietta Guerard Pignatelli, sixtyish, Bluffton, S.C. shopkeeper's daughter...