Theatre: New Musical in Manhattan: Jun. 13, 1938

The Two Bouquets (by Eleanor & Herbert Farjeon; produced by Marc Connelly in association with Bela Blau) is a mannerly, mock-genteel operetta of Victorian days which delighted Londoners for almost nine months, will not delight the U. S. so long. It does a fairly good job of trying to eat its cake and have it too: makes gay, simpering fun of itself while it strives after a light-as-thistledown charm. a snows-of-yesteryear nostalgia. Its lyrics are mock and merry-andrew, its tunes (out of such Victorian composers as Offenbach, Balfe and Gounod) softly glide and sway, recalling gaslit ballrooms, old-fashioned gardens with gazebos.


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