Milestones: Mar. 25, 1929

Engaged. Cinemactress Constance Talmadge of Los Angeles; to Townsend Netcher, Chicago merchant. Merchant Netcher will be husband No. 3. No. 1 was John Pialoglou, Greek Tobaccoman; No. 2, Capt. Allaster Macintosh, onetime Seaforth Highlander.

Engaged. Hamilton Webster Thayer, of Hopedale, Mass., son of Judge Webster Thayer of Worcester, Mass., who gave the Sacco-Vanzetti decision; to Miss Elizabeth Wood of Manhattan, niece of famed Boston Broker Henry Hornblower (Hornblower & Weeks).

Married. Mary Meeker, Chicago socialite, daughter of Vice President Arthur Meeker of Armour & Co.; and Ambrose C. Cramer, architect, who was divorced...