Milestones, Jan. 11, 1954

Married. Barbara Hutton, 41, five & dime heiress; and Porfirio Rubirosa. 44, Dominican playboy-diplomat; she for the fifth time, he for the fourth; in Manhattan (see INTERNATIONAL).

Married. Henry Miller, 62, onetime Left Bank expatriate turned California recluse, whose sex-obsessed novels (Tropic of Capricorn, Tropic of Cancer), after being banned in the U.S., became avant-garde favorites in France; and Evelyn Byrd McClure, 29, Hollywood artist-actress; each for the third time; in Carmel Highlands, Calif.

Married. William Christopher Handy, 80, Negro trumpeter, composer (St. Louis Blues, Beale Street Blues, Memphis Blues) turned Manhattan music...