Letters, Feb. 6, 1950

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... If, by any chance, the so-called "mercy killing" of suffering incurables should be legalized, the proponents of such a bill might just as well carry the whole business to its logical and inevitable conclusion: 1) the extermination of the malformed, the insane, the criminal, the social and biological misfit; 2) the slaying of the mentally and physically weak, the blind, crippled, mute, diseased, alcoholic, aged; 3) the liquidation of all enemies of the state.

Then, as we progress, the law might be stretched to include the rich mother who has been hanging around a little too long, the "unjust" father who will not let us have our way, or the neurotic wife who is something of a bother to us ...

Is it later than we think, or has the anti-Christ already arrived?


Chestnut Hill, Mass.

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