Cinema: A Blype o' Clishmaclaver

The Bridal Path (British Lion; Kings-ley-Union). "What signifies the life o' man," sang Bobby Burns, "An' 'twere na for the lasses, 0?" The question is askit o' Ewan McEwan (Bill Travers), a couthie young crofter o' Beigg, by the carlies o' that Scottish isle, an' afore the braw laddie can say tapsalteerie he's awa' to the mainland tae hilch himsel' a wife. He haes his courtin' orders: nae Campbells, nae Catholics, and nae lassies from Erismore Isle. An' he haes the cantie assistance, in a' this clishmaclaver, o' Frank Launder an' Sidney Gilliat, the same glib-gabbit couple o' callans as made...

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