Miscellany, Aug. 18, 1958

Snarevoyance. In Penang, Malaya, Medium Cassim Bin Osman was asked to go into a trance and locate a missing corpse, did so, was convicted of murder.

Foam Stretch. In Carlisle, England, eight managers of state-owned pubs were brought before a Home Office disciplinary board for repeated failure to draw 300 one-pint servings of beer out of a 288-pint barrel.

Spruced Up. In Los Angeles, Tree Surgeon Columbus B. Fulghum was fined $25 for giving haircuts without a license.

Togetherness. In Anamosa, Iowa, Gary Lee Wessling, 17, asked to be transferred from the Men's Reformatory in Anamosa to the State Penitentiary in Fort Madison so...