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Ice Crystals & Arguments


... Your cover story about Dr. Albert Schweitzer [TIME, July 11] seems to me a new high.

Two years ago I waded through the story of his life ... but the adulation got a bit thick ... Congratulations to TIME, which has the proper amount of respect for a really great man but also the restraint to keep "hero worship" out of the article ...

MRS. F. MARTIN WEIR Texarkana, Ark.


... Although Schweitzer can certainly be considered a man of character ... his "rev-erence-for-life" theme is decidedly and unfortunately neurotic ... The tearing of leaves from a tree, the shattering of ice crystals and the cutting of flowers ... the avoidance of unwittingly damaging weeds at a roadside — all of these are most neurotic ... The fact that men like Schweitzer and Gandhi have been lauded and idealized for their "ethics" in such matters is a striking indication of what part neurotic trends can play in religion and ethics in our still quite primitive civilization ...


Research Psychoanalyst New York City


... The highest praise I can give this article is that I think it is entirely worthy of its subject. Schweitzer's life is a knockdown argument for Christian missions ...

FRED FIELD GOODSELL American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions Boston, Mass.


After reading the interesting account of the work of Albert Schweitzer, my wife and I felt that we should like to send his hospital at Lambarene a small contribution ...


The Shetzleys' contribution has been forwarded to The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, c/o Dr. Emory Ross, treasurer, 156 Fifth Avenue, New York City 10. — ED.


TIME'S cover of Albert Schweitzer is a masterpiece. Ernest Hamlin Baker is to be highly commended ...

DAN WOOD Beaver Dam, Wis.



I was glad to see your balanced comments on Wimbledon [TIME, July 4] ... There has never been a grander set of Americans than those who came over this year — good sportsmen, good players and good lookers, and all great favorites of the crowd. Ted Schroeder won our hearts in one short fortnight, and Louise Brough's courage and Gussie's panties kept the female flag flying high.

Yet a section of the press in both countries chose to fasten on the only exception, Bob Falkenburg. They magnified the regrettable incident in which he was booed by a small section of the crowd and printed his statement that the Wimbledon crowd is anti-American. It is enough to make a confirmed fan gnaw the net. The Wimbledon crowd is not anti-anybody. They queue for hours to study tennis and personalities, in that order. And they ask not if you won or lost, but how you played the game.

A. STEWARD London, England

Texas Trailer


"Some 9,000 tribesmen of the 100,000 Bamangwatos traveled hundreds of miles along the dusty trails of their Texaslike land" [TIME, July 11].

I can understand that TIME knows little of Bechuanaland, but I cannot understand how so great a journal can know so little of so great a state.

BEN S. MORRIS San Antonio, Tex.

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