The Press: Bee-News

Publisher William Randolph Hearst, splash-patriot, named newspaper after newspaper The (Boston, New York, Chicago, Baltimore) American.

If he had been less patriotic, more cosmic, he might have chosen Sun, World, Globe, Star, Comet, Meteor.

Didactic, self-righteous, he could have named his papers Citizen, Tribune, Sentinel, Monitor, Leader, Pilot.

Or, more humbly, he might have been content to watch, listen, report. Reportorial newspaper labels: Observer, Recorder, Review, Eye, Optic, Chronicle, Argus, Register, Messenger, Gazette, Herald, Telegram, Journal, Expositor, Reporter, Truth, Echo, Outlook, Spectator, Ledger, Bulletin, Mirror, News, Press.

It probably never occurred to him to...