Business: More Mergers: Apr. 30, 1928

Cheese. Kraft-Phenix Cheese Co. is first consolidating a cold storage company with ten manufacturers and wholesalers of cheese in northern New York (their combined yearly business is more than $6,000,000); is then calling the group Miller, Richardson & Co.; and for all their properties is giving 17,000 shares of Kraft-Phenix stock.

Flour. Negotiations are on for a merger of the $24,000,000 Washburn-Crosby Co. (Gold Medal flour, "Eventually, why not now?") of Minneapolis with the $40,000,000 Standard Milling Co. of Manhattan. Securities of $50,000,000 may be offered.

Candy Stores. As Puritan Stores, Inc. the merger of 24 retail candy stores in and around New...