Business & Finance: More Earnings

Some with pride, some with anxiety, investors read last week the annual reports of their favorite companies, compared the earnings, made conclusions:

American Telephone & Telegraph Co. ("Longest station to station call within the U. S. now costs $10; San Francisco, Calif. to Eastport, Me.")—$166,000,000. Previous year: $155.000,000.

Radio Corporation of America (in 1927 direct radio services were inaugurated with the Dutch West Indies, Philippines, Northern South America, Porto Rico, Belgium, Hongkong via Manila, & Turkey)—$11,799,650. Previous year: $7,306,487.

Packard Motor Car Co. ("Ask the man who owns one.")—$10,000,000 (half year, estimate)—previous year, same period: $7,912,358.

Pro-Phy-Lac-Tic Brush Co. (tooth, hair, clothes brushes) reported largest...

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