Fiction: Recent Books: Feb. 25, 1935

OLLIE Miss — George Henderson — Stokes ($2.50). All-Negro novel, well and simply told.

THE SCARLET BEAST—Francis Gerard— Longmans, Green ($2.50). Allegedly historical romance about the Punic Wars; a silly book.

SEASON TICKET—Margaret lies—Harper ($2). Competent but uninspiring first novel about English season-ticket-holders (U. S.: commuters).

WILD PASTURES—Rex Beach—Farrar & Rinehart ($2). Modestly described by its publishers as "a novel of romance and swift adventure," by an old hand.

ERNESTINE TAKES OVER — Walter Brooks—Morrow ($2). Story in the late Thorne Smith tradition but well above the average.

So BRIEF THE YEARS—Natalie Sokoloff —Dodd,...