Sport: Who Won, Jun. 20, 1932

¶ The U. S. Davis Cup team (Wilmer Allison, Francis Xavier Shields, John Van Ryn): American interzone finals against Brazil, 5 matches to 0; at Forest Hills, L. I.

¶ The U. S. Wightman Cup team (Helen Wills Moody, Helen Jacobs, Mrs. Lawrence A. Harper, Sarah Palfrey): a series of women's tennis matches against England; 4 to 3, with England winning the last three matches; at Wimbledon.

¶ Ralph Metcalfe. 22-year-old Negro of Marquette University: world records for 220 yd. (20.5 sec.), 200 metres (20.2 sec.) and 100 metres (10.2 sec.) on the same...