Fiction: Books of the Fortnight

PRIVATE WORLDS—Phyllis Bottome— Houghton Mifflin ($2.50). Hospital novel by an author who, for some reason, sells.

EASTER SUN—Peter Neagoe—Coward McCann ($2). Story of incoherent but passionate Rumanian peasants; the garlic school of fiction.

THE VOYAGE—Heinrich Herm—Farrar & Rinehart ($2.50). A luxury liner strikes a floating derelict and the characters wilt like dress shirts. Good second-rate thriller made slightly indigestible by Teutonic philosophizing.

THE WIFE—Helen Grace Carlisle— Harcourt, Brace ($2.50). Novel by the author of Mother's Cry about marriage, adultery, reunion in Manhattan. Just about as dreary as it sounds.