Animals: Fish, Flesh & Fowl

Twittering, chirping, trumpeting, yipping, squawking, grunting, bristling, gibbering, jittering, wagging, scampering, squeaking, howling, yowling, meowing— last week a National Pet show filled Manhattan's ever sightful and soundful Madi- son Square Garden. There were 5,000 animals of all sizes, shapes, means of locomotion. There was a sombre Mongolian dromedary, an Indian baby elephant, ocelot (beast), a toucan (bird), a guppie (fish). Professor George Yoeger of Brooklyn took Trixie, his dancing, boxing dog. From New Jersey went Buster, 18-month-old chimpanzee who drinks Coca-Cola, hugs his mistress. Mme. Frieda Hempel. famed prima donna, wandered...

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