Education: More Kudos

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Commencement season continuing. U.S. colleges and universities last week gave the following honorary degrees to, among many others, the following:

Baldwin-Wallace College (Berea, Ohio) Myers Young Cooper, Governor of Ohio.LL.D.

Bethany College (Bethany, W. Va.) Myers Young Cooper, Governor of Ohio.LL.D.

Boston College Alvan Tufts Fuller, onetime (1925—29) Governor of Massachusetts LL.D.

Brown University Noble Brandon Judah, U. S. Ambassador to Cuba LL.D. Paul Philippe Cret, architect A.M.

Bucknell University (Lewisburg, Pa.) Mervin Grant Filler, college dean (Dickinson ) D.Litt.

Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, Mich.) Mabel Walker Willebrandt LL.D.

Holy Cross College (Worcester, Mass.) James M. Kieran, college president (Hunter) LL.D. Glen Buck, advertising man. . . . D. Bus. Adm.

Muskingum College (New Concord, Ohio) Myers Young Cooper. Governor of Ohio.LL.D.

Northwestern University Jane Addams L.H.D. Frederic Campbell Woodward, Acting President of University of Chicago LL.D. Frank Joseph Loesch, criminal lawyer LL.D. William James Mayo, surgeon D.Sc.

Ohio State University William President Oxley Emeritus Thompson, (Ohio State) university ... .LL.D. Arthur Holly Compton, physicist D.Sc. Charles Franklin Kettering, electrical engineer D.Eng.

Princeton University Wilfred Thomason Grenfell, missionary. LL.D. John Pierpont Morgan, banker LL.D. James Henry Brested, orientalist Litt.D. Evarts Ambrose Graham, surgeon D.Sc. William Francis Magie, physicist D.Sc. Walter Johannes Damrosch, musician. Mus.D.

Russell Sage College (Troy, N. Y.) Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Roosevelt, New York's Governor's wife L.H.D. Eliza Kellas, Emma Willard School principal LL.D.

Smith College Grace Goodhue Coolidge LL.D.

St. John's College (Brooklyn, N. Y.) William C. Redfield, first (1913-19) U. S. Secretary of Commerce LL.D.

St. John's College Law School (Brooklyn, N. Y.) Robert F. Wagner, U. S. Senator from New York LL.D.

St. Lawrence University (Canton, N. Y.) Charles W. Appleton, General Electric vice president LL.D. Frank Billings Kellogg LL.D.

Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken) Gerard Swope, General Electric president D.Eng.

University of Chicago Frank Baldwin Jewett, American Telephone & Telegraph vice president D.Sc.

University of Detroit Fred Warren Green, Michigan's Governor LL.D.

University of Wisconsin Walter C. Murray, college president (Saskatchewan, Canada) LL.D. Zona Gale Breese, author (Miss Lulu Belt) D.Litt. Carl von Marr, artist D.Litt. Ole Edvart Rolvaag, author (Giants in the Earth) D.Litt.

Washington University (St. Louis, Mo.) Robert Somers Brookings, merchant M.D., LL.D.* William Keeney Bixby, the University's board chairman LL.D.

Wesleyan University Henry Lewis Stimson LL.D. Ayskey Kabayama, Japanese Privy Counsellor L.H.D, Francis Wilson, actor L.H.D.

Yale University William DeWitt Mitchell LL.D. Vincent Masscy, Canadian Minister to the U. S LL.D. Henry Lewis Stimson LL.D. Arthur Holly Compton physicist D.Sc. William Hallock Park, physician (bacteriology, hygiene) D.Sc. Willa Cather, author (Death Comes for the Archbishop) D.Litt. Henry Knox Sherrill, rector (Trinity Church, Boston) D.D. George Leslie Harrison, Governor Federal Reserve Bank of New York A.M.

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