Business: More Earnings

The new leaf in the book of business is not turned over until late January or early February. The previous page must be left in perfect order. Last week certain corporations announced that their 1927 books were neatly balanced, then published their earnings.

Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. ("Pictures of Romance")—$8,050,000. Previous year, $5,600,815.

William Wrigley Jr. & Co. (Spearmint, Doublemint, Juicy Fruit, P. K. chewing gums)—$9,637,575. Previous year $9,-100,170.

Forhan Co. ("For the gums")—$631,204. Previous year, $550,835.

Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co. (ciga-rets: Chesterfield, Fatima, Piedmont; smoking tobacco: Velvet, Granger...