Letters: Aug. 1, 1927

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Photograph Wanted


You thought, I suppose, that it was clever to print not a photograph of Robert Benchley but one of Gluyas Williams' cartoons of him (TIME, July 25). You ought to know that everyone has seen dozens of cartoons of Benchley, whereas not one of his admirers in a million has seen his photograph.

I have read Life for years, swear by Benchley's theatre reviews, read his books — and yet I have never seen a photograph of him.

Let's see one. I know I can count on you, TIME, for this.


Pelham, N. Y.



To M. le Capitaine Francois Coli you have applied the adjective "late" (TIME, July 18). This is more of your self-sureness, of your typically American wish to be ahead of others — for I well know that you do not know (because no one knows) that Francois Coli is dead.

You should be ashamed to think of his wife!* What she would think of you I know! When some funeral has been held for these heroes, when the beautiful custom of strewing rose leaves on the water has taken place, then you can write of Coli as "late" — not till then !


Quebec, Canada

A good point, well taken, TIME stands rebuked, joins Madame Saval in the hope that Francois Coli and his gallant comrade will yet be found alive. — ED.

TIME v. Sun


I am so everlastingly pleased with TIME'S all inclusiveness and scintillating brevity, that my subscription to several excellent periodicals is not being renewed at present.

Tonight rather last night since it is now 12:40 a. m., TIME became the subject of conversation, as I had a copy of it with me, while watching the midnight sun. Our neighbors not having seen a copy before, became more interested in it than in the midnight sun — which is some praise.


Circle, Alaska

Boy Scout & Pacifist


I am a Boy Scout and a pacifist. I resent the inference in TIME (July 18, p. 8) that the Boy Scout organization is connected with the army and navy. If you should read chapter one of the official handbook of the Boy Scouts of America, you would find that "the Boy Scout movement neither promotes nor discourages military training, its chief concern being the development of character and personal efficiency of teenage boys."

The reference by certain people that the Scouts are a reserve behind the national arms does not give reason for putting an article about the Boy Scouts under "Army & Navy." The Boy Scouts of America is an independent organization, no more connected with the army and navy than the Y. M. C. A. or the church is.

I believe that you owe the Boy Scouts of America an apology for connecting them with the military organizations of the country.


Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.

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