Milestones: Jul. 6, 1925

Born. To Charles S. Chaplin, 36, and Mrs. Lita Grey Chaplin, 17, formerly his leading lady, a son (6¾ Ibs.) ; at Beverley Hills, Calif. (See Page 14.)

Born. To Eugene O'Neill, 36, famed playwright, a daughter, Onna; in Bermuda.

Born. To Ogden M. Reid, 43, publisher of The New York Herald Tribune, and Mrs. Reid, a son; in Manhattan.

Born. To Giorgio Polacco, 50, musical director and chief conductor of the Chicago Civic Opera Company, and Mrs. Polacco (Edith Mason), 32, famed soprano, a daughter; in Milan, Italy.

Married. Herbert C. Hoover Jr., son of...