Point with Pride: Sep. 17, 1923

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After a cursory view of TIME's summary of events, the Generous Citizen points with pride to:

An invitation from Michigan University to Robert Bridges, laureate of England. (P. 19.)

An artist who "painted God without seeing Him." (P. 13.)

An Illinois "small town" that supports art enthusiastically. (P. 13.)

Ruhr peace, semi-visible at Paris. (P. 8.)

Dying embers near the Adriatic Sea. (P. 7.)

Pardon for 1,800 innocent aliens. (P. 5.)

Twelve outstanding Jews of the World. (P. 24.)

President Coolidge's cable correspondence with the Mikado. (P. 11.)

A "more honorable course" for signatories of the Versailles Treaty. (P. 25.)

Henry Ford's proposed dual-nature cow. (P. 24.)

An end to the financial bickering over Papyrus' proposed invasion. (P. 21.)

A motion picture adaptation that honored the original story and that adhered, almost for the first time in celluloid history, to tasteful subtitles. (P. 15.)

Women track athletes—they broke four records. (P. 20.)

Two diplomats who inspire the President with "the utmost satisfaction." (P. 3.)

Twenty-two warships, sixty merchant men bearing this country's comfort to Japan. (P.12.)

Madge Kennedy, " the ultimate conception of all that a daughter of Eve should be." (P. 14.)

The accurate optics of the Army's aviators. (P. 4.)