Point with Pride: Aug. 13, 1923

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After a cursory view of TIME'S summary of events, the Generous Citizen points with pride to:

The son of a Justice of the Peace. (P. 2.)

A third and final leg that cost six pounds. (P. 23.)

Lincoln, Greeley, Wilson, Roosevelt, Wellington, Balzac, Goethe, Tolstoi, Ruskin, Haeckel, Bacon, Whittier. They did not use tobacco. (P. 18.)

A European parallel to the abysmal ignorance of the American press. (P. 21.)

Paderewski besieged by Paris thousands. (P. 15.)

A happy ending that should please all Babbitts. (P. 15.)

Joie Ray's 13th world's record. (P. 23.)

The climax of 50 years of missionary labor in Nippon. (P. 19.)

A bareknuckle fight between The Hoboken Terror and Bully Boy Brewster. (P. 17.)

High pressure in the feed pipe of the Melting Pot. (P. 4.)

A raid across the Canadian border by nine stimulated Americans. (P. 22.)

Living tongues which do not fail in competition with a robot language. (P. 8.)

A dove of peace for M. Yoshizawa and Wellington Koo. (P. 13.)

All the King's horses for four of the King's men. (P. 22.)

One wig for golf, another for church and several ordinary wigs. (P. 26.)

A Castilian eustachian tube renovated by a few simple manipulations with the index finger of an American right hand. (P. 11.)

Father-in-law Ferdinand, royal chaperone. (P. 26.)