Q & A with Tony Danza

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The Tony Danza Show, the entertainer's syndicated chat program, premieres this week.

How many times have you played someone named Tony?

Four times. What am I gonna play, a Dennis?

[Taxi's] Tony Banta is a bit like Joey Tribbiani. What would he say to Joey?

I'm glad they didn't spin me off.

You've been doing a cabaret act for the past 10 years. Did it prepare you for live TV?

When you're singing a ballad and the roller coaster goes by, you gotta be quick on your feet. So I think it's gonna help. Unfortunately, I was born too late for the Rat Pack. Born too late for the Rat Pack, and Paris Hilton calls me Mr. Danza.

Paris Hilton will be one of your first guests.

Yeah, I think I wanna teach her how to cook. Just in case somebody comes over, Paris, you can whip this up for them. I can make sauce in 20 minutes, and it's good sauce. Simmering is important, but if you've got a date, you don't have time to simmer.

Which of your former co-stars required more parental supervision — Andy Kaufman or Alyssa Milano?

I was a pain in the neck to Alyssa. I remember her saying "You know, I do have a father, Tony." I didn't get along with Andy at first, couldn't figure him out. We were such a team, and he wasn't part of the team. But then I got to know him. He was an acquired taste.

You're also having some Sopranos cast members on. Some Italian Americans find that show offensive.

Sometimes I feel that way. What, are we all murderers and gangsters? But you know, every once in a while you hear a joke you just like: Why don't Italians like Jehovah's Witnesses? 'Cause we don't like no witnesses.