The Revolution In Radio

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For now the AM/FM industry doesn't seem too concerned. Arbitron estimates that 228 million Americans ages 12 and up still listen to broadcast radio weekly, and radio remains the top broadcast medium after TV for advertisers who want to reach a mass market. Radio ad sales in Arbitron markets are forecast to rise 5.5% this year, to $14 billion, according to BIA Financial Network, a media consultancy in Chantilly, Va. Yet as more consumers tune to stations like Radioparadise, those numbers could slip. Goldsmith's thoughtful playlists are organized by musical theme, moving from, say, a bluesy Tracy Chapman tune to a Latin-blues Carlos Santana track to a rock-blues number by the Hellecasters. He heeds listener feedback and says the only thing he really cares about is "playing good music," regardless of whether it's a hot single being pitched by a promoter or a classic. That's why his fans are pulling out their wallets to support him.
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