In Brief

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UNETHICAL TEENS Odds are that your teen has lied to you even more than you suspect, according to a new study. The Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth found that 92% of teens admitted that they had lied to their parents in the past year; 72% said they had lied to a teacher. More than 2 in 10 said they would lie to get a job. And nearly 7 in 10 students admitted cheating on a test.

SIDS RISKS Researchers from the Royal Manchester Infirmary have discovered a possible link between sudden infant death syndrome and a common bacterium that is transmitted orally. Babies who died from SIDS were found to have a much higher rate of H. pylori infection than other children. In adults, the bacterium is usually linked to stomach ulcers, but researchers theorize that the bug could be passed to infants by parents' kissing them or caretakers' testing the temperature of a bottle by licking the nipple.

WORKING MOMS According to the Census Bureau, more mothers than ever before are returning to work within a year of giving birth. And when they do go back, they are more likely to be working full time than part time. A record 53% of mothers with infants at home in 1998 had gone back to work -- 36% were working full time, and 17% were working part time. In 1976 only 31% of new moms worked outside the home at all.