How Much Did They Lose?

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LOU DOBBS Boldly goes where no anchor-man has gone, ditching CNN's Moneyline last year to launch geeky One small step, and he falls off the radar. OLD TV GIG: 265,000 viewers a day NEW SITE: 502,000 visitors a month

JOSH HARRIS Serial entrepreneur leaves Net research firm Jupiter Communications in '94 for Web-TV Pseudo Programs, which went off the air last month. GOOD NEWS: Sells bulk of Jupiter stock this year, before 65% haircut BAD NEWS: Left standing with a 20% Pseudo stake in Chapter 11

JAY WALKER Priceline visionary sells $190 million in stock in August to salvage gas and grocery licensees, which tanked this month and sent the stock price down 38%. WAS WORTH: $6.68 billion in March NOW WORTH: $333 million

JEFF BEZOS The king of e-tail was $720 million in the red last winter when we made him Man of the Year. Amazon's stock price tumbles 75% this year, and he's still laughing. WAS WORTH: $13.3 billion in December NOW WORTH: $3.34 billion

DAVID WETHERELL CMGI chief pioneers cyberspace investing but last month begins scaling back on the nurturing, relying on household names like AltaVista to recover from an 89% stock drop. WAS WORTH: $5.81 billion in 1999 NOW WORTH: $664 million

WARREN BUFFETT The Berkshire Hathaway guru prefers companies like Wrigley's because the Internet won't "change how people chew gum." Currently down only $4 billion. WAS WORTH: $32 billion in 1999 NOW WORTH: $27.6 billion PAUL ALLEN Microsoft co-founder quits board of directors last month to focus on Web ventures, some of which, WebHouse) have been real duds. WAS WORTH: $22.4 billion in December in Microsoft stock NOW WORTH: $12.4 billion

ALEX MANDL One of the first marquee execs to jump ship for a start-up, he resigns as AT&T president in 1996 to head unknown wireless telecom Teligent. At least he got the $20 million signing bonus up front. WAS WORTH: $188 million last year NOW WORTH: $1.93 million, with 3 million options underwater

BILL GATES His stake in Microsoft may be down $48.5 billion this year, but Gates, though dogged by the doj, is racking up brownie points through his charitable foundation, richest in the world. WAS WORTH: $87.8 billion in December NOW WORTH: $39.3 billion

HENRY BLODGET Obscure stock analyst rockets to fame in late 1998 with prediction that Amazon will reach $400 a share. TRUTH: Media buzz catapults the unadjusted stock price to $355 CONSEQUENCES: Amazon falls back to earth; so does Blodget's rep

CANDICE CARPENTER A month after iVillage's IPO in March 1999, the stock price peaked at $130, only to slide to single digits by this summer, when Carpenter bowed out as CEO. WAS WORTH: $ 23 million, Oct. '99 NOW WORTH: $ 1.16 million

Worth figures are based on stock holdings in their companies as of Oct. 13, 2000.