Gray Davis Gives You Gin

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Decks of cards depicting Iraq's most-wanted Baathist honchos have sold briskly since they were first offered on in April. More than 2.5 million of those decks have been snapped up. Now merchandisers with cards featuring everything from Hillary Clinton's quips to California's gubernatorial candidates are trying to cash in — and deal their own blow in the political and culture wars.

California-Recall Candidates
So you can't fit 135 candidates on a deck of cards. Beverly Hills Pimps & Ho's solved that problem by cramming the balance on the two Jokers

Republican Chickenhawks of America
Outraged by the Deck of Weasels (see above), Nitestar Productions' Jerry and Lisa Vasilatos created a collection attacking people on the right

The Deck of Hillary
These cards carry quotes that says expose the "real Hillary." The website also sells a Deck of Weasels, attacking critics of the Iraq war

The World's Most-Wanted Criminals
Inspired by the success of its Iraqi cards, now has a deck featuring fugitives of all kindsfrom terrorists to bank robbers