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Cast from 'The Real Cancun'

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Fleiss and Universal are waiting to see how well The Real Cancun does, which will undoubtedly affect any decision as to when or if The Quest will be released. Equally eager to see The Real Cancun are the cast members, who took their roles not only for the free margaritas and $1,000 but also in hopes of snaring acting jobs. Twin Roxanne looks forward to being famous, even if it's for her wet-T-shirt antics. "I'd rather be known for this instead of being smart or something," she says. "There's a million people who are smart. There's only 16 of us who were in Cancun together."

Some of the cast members want to see the movie just to find out what happened. "I don't think I did anything wrong," says Casey, who spends the first half of the movie asking women to shower with him. "Though when I drink I don't remember things. I always black out."

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