In Brief

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SLAMMERS SLAMMED The FCC is backing up its pledge to crack down on slamming, the illegal practice whereby phone companies switch your long-distance service without your say-so and then typically charge you 50% more. Two weeks ago, the agency moved to empower the states to enforce its strictures against the practice. Under FCC rules, if you haven't paid your slammer bill, you'll be absolved of the first 30 days of charges. If you have paid, the slammer must pay your regular carrier 150% of your charges. Then you'll get back half of what you paid.

GOOD WILL Tired of lawyers? Website claims to have simplified the task of preparing a will. You can enter such estate-planning information as the amount of your assets and the number of your beneficiaries and get an estimate of the cost of completing the document. Netwills estimates that a basic package that includes health-care directives and designation of power of attorney can cost anywhere from $300 to $500 per couple, depending on where you happen to live and the complexity of your will.

DISNEY DOUGH If you and the kids are planning a trip to Disneyland this summer, it will cost more than you may have thought. The Southern California landmark has begun charging children 10 and over the adult ticket price of $41 that previously applied to those 12 and up. Umm, isn't it a kids' theme park? Don't despair: guests 3 to 9 continue to get in for just $31--a real bargain. But will you still want to spring for mouse ears this trip?