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ANGRY KIDS With school violence regularly in the headlines, educators are looking for ways to teach children to control their anger while they're still young. Special programs for preschoolers that focus on anger management are being developed in school districts throughout the country. Using puppetry and role playing to explore problematic situations that a youngster might face, psychologists help children express their moods and learn to resolve conflict in constructive ways.

SILVER SURFERS While older Americans are often seen as technophobic,the latest studies, including Microsoft's Senior Initiative, show that they are taking to the Internet faster than any other age group. Many have discovered e-mail as a fast and easy way to communicate with friends and relatives, especially grandchildren. Seniors also use the Net to research genealogy, manage their finances, shop and plan trips. Seniors can learn more about cyberspace and how to use it with online tutorials at .

LOVE AND MARRIAGE Contrary to popular belief, and the marriage counseling of yesteryear, new studies have found that airing all your differences with your marital partner is likely to do more harm than good. Such arguing often leads to, well, more arguing. According to a study by Andrew Christensen at UCLA, couples who are less critical and more accepting of their differences have the most successful marriages. Couples can find an online survey related to this research at .