The Bogie Buster

  • Jack Nicklaus carries three tees and three pennies in his pocket when he plays. Fred Couples only uses balls with ones and threes on them. Golfers may be the most superstitious of all pro athletes, but no good-luck charm has swept the tour like a little ornament called the QLink. A lightweight pendant worn as a necklace, it supposedly helps the body ward off electromagnetic fields and increases mental stamina. Clarus Products International has sold more than 200,000 of the pendants since 1999 and claims that 300 pros are now wearing them. The company cites scientists who tout the pendant's effects and offers stats showing that PGA tour players are more likely to make the tournament cut when wearing the pendant. One believer is Bruce Fleischer, who won the U.S. Seniors Open the week after he started wearing a QLink. "I don't believe in good luck or bad luck," he says. "But golf's about attitude, and that's where the QLink comes in."