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$357,128 Amount retired General Electric ceo Jack Welch receives each month from his GE pension, according to an affidavit filed as part of his divorce proceedings

$1,000 Amount of Welch's monthly Social Security check

$8,982 Amount Welch spends each month on food and beverages, including wine

$5,480 Amount he spends each month on country-club memberships

$35,000 Amount Welch pays to his estranged wife per month, which she claims is "patently inadequate"

$71 Price of a one-day lift ticket this winter at the Vail ski resort in Colorado, the costliest in the U.S.

$8 Price of the same ticket in 1969

17.6% Drop in the number of cases of syphilis among U.S. women from 2000 to 2001

15.4% Rise in the number of cases among U.S. men in the same period

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Rocky Mountain News, ABC, Boston Globe