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Saddam may be a monster, but there is no convincing evidence that he presents an imminent threat. There is surely a much greater risk in going to war now, without friends and allies, than there is in waiting for U.N. inspection teams to do their job and for proper post-war planning. That Iraq can be transformed into a democracy is a farfetched notion. Are we prepared for the incalculable loss of life, chaos and destruction that will result from a war with Iraq? War should be a very last resort.
Redwood City, Calif.

Starting Over

Re the report on unemployed white-collar workers [BUSINESS, Oct. 14]: In today's competitive hiring market, candidates must build a marketing campaign to sell themselves. The burden is on job hunters to identify how they can solve business problems for prospective hiring organizations. These candidates have to learn the rule of "SW" when targeting prospective employers: some will, some won't, and someone's waiting to hire you.
Fairfax, Va.


The graphic with our report on spyware programs installed on your computer without your consent [PERSONAL TIME: YOUR TECHNOLOGY, Oct. 7] referred to B3D, a product of Brilliant Digital Entertainment, saying that when you download a copy of Kazaa's file-sharing software, B3D is installed. We also said that B3D allows your PC's spare computer power to be used by Brilliant's network. This power-sharing feature has not yet been activated, and, the company says, it will not be used without the computer owner's specific consent.

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