A Suspect Surrenders

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A worldwide BE ON THE LOOKOUT bulletin, or BOLO, has led to the detention of a 21-year-old Saudi man suspected of links to the Sept. 11 hijackers. The issued the BOLO alert for Saud A.S. al-Rasheed when his passport photo appeared on a CD-ROM with pictures of some of the 19 hijackers. The disc, turned over in May by a foreign government the FBI would not disclose, had only recently been analyzed because of the volume of material the agency has collected since the war on terrorism began, the bureau said. The bulletin included al-Rasheed's photo and warned that he is "considered armed and dangerous." Said FBI official Bruce Gebhardt: "We're not saying that he's connected to [the hijackers], but we obviously have to be prudent and make sure we notify everyone." Days later al-Rasheed surrendered to Saudi officials in Riyadh. His father Abdulaziz Saud al-Rasheed told the Associated Press he had urged the young man, who he said was in Egypt when the bulletin was first issued last Tuesday, to turn himself in to authorities. The elder al-Rasheed called his son a peaceful person who "has nothing to do with terror networks."