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BEER CHEER Suds fans toasted themselves last week when a Wall Street Journal article suggested that a beer might offer more protection against coronary disease, stroke and hypertension than the much touted glass of red wine. While both grape and brew have their champions, other researchers say it's the alcohol in moderation — no matter the form — that delivers the health benefit.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT A high-calorie, high-fat diet may raise the risk of Alzheimer's disease in people who are genetically vulnerable to it. Researchers tracked 263 oldsters who tested positive for an Alzheimer's gene and found that those with high-calorie diets doubled their risk of developing the disease. Diet made no difference in those without the gene.

BLURRED VISION Parents and teachers may be turning a blind eye to vision problems in preschoolers. A survey found that only 20% consider it a high priority, and just 24% are aware that poor vision can contribute to frustration, hyperactivity, depression and lack of motivation. Even worse, parents and teachers think a simple eye-chart test is comprehensive. It isn't. It measures distance vision but not near vision, focusing or how well the eyes work together.