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"An attack on Iraq would ... seriously jeopardize, if not destroy, the global counterterrorist campaign we have undertaken." BRENT SCOWCROFT, National Security Adviser in the first Bush Administration, cautioning against going to war with Iraq

"History is littered with cases of inaction that led to very grave consequences for the world." CONDOLEEZZA RICE, National Security Adviser, arguing the case for such a war

"The current climate of criticism has made it impossible to perform my work to the standards I believe the clients of Salomon Smith Barney deserve." JACK GRUBMAN, Wall Street analyst, resigning in the face of investigations into his bullish reports on telecom companies before their stocks collapsed

"I don't know if the world realizes the depth of the disaster." SEAN CONNERY, actor, in Prague to film a movie, on the devastation caused by flooding

"If there is a work stoppage, a lot of fans are going to be furious, and I'm one of them." GEORGE W. BUSH, on the possibility of a baseball strike on Aug. 30

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