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4.5 years How long it's been since the S&P 500 index last dived under 950

5 years The stretch of time since the nasdaq composite index last dipped below 1360

$8,000 Settlement Ikea paid the government in May 2001 for importing $14,000 worth of rugs from a Taliban-controlled area of Afghanistan, a violation of trade sanctions

$75,000 Settlement the Los Angeles Dodgers paid the government for giving two Cubans more than $100,000 and holding a baseball tryout camp in Cuba

40 million Number of people worldwide who are HIV positive, according to a new U.N. report

71% Sub-Saharan Africa's share of HIV-positive people

42 Percentage of women in the U.S. who are 40 or older

78 Percentage of actresses appearing in movies last year who were 39 or younger

Sources: Wall Street Journal; New York Times; Los Angeles Times; USA Today