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Little Wonder
It probably gets mistaken for a Palm at parties, but the OQO is actually a full-fledged 1-GHz PC crammed into a package that's just 4 in. long by 3 in. wide. It sounds crazy, but if you are sick of shuttling data back and forth among your desktop, your laptop, your PDA and your MP3 player, the OQO (don't try to pronounce it--just say the letters) could replace them all in one pocket-size gizmo. Look for it in stores toward the end of this summer for about $1,000, or find out more online at

Online Oscars
Nominees for the Webby Awards--they're like the Academy Awards for websites--were announced last week. Among the hopefuls are Web pages for the Vatican, the U.S. Army, the BBC, the Peace Corps and, of course, Legodeath, an online house of horrors--with Legos. You can cast your vote in the People's Choice category at

Twist and Shout
Motorola's snazzy new V70 cell phone, available later this month through Cingular, doesn't flip open, doesn't slide open; it swivels open. Its cover actually rotates around its circular screen. But it's not just a pretty face: the V70 packs a 500-name phone book, a calendar, Internet access and text messaging. And if all that doesn't turn heads, there's always the price: an eye-popping $400.