Stealing the Shows

Ad-skipping viewers aren't thieves. They're the future

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Illustration by Topos Graphics for TIME; TV Remote: Getty Images

Stealing the Shows. Ad-skipping viewers aren't thieves. They're the future.

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You might argue that TV watching is a social contract: we all share the burden of viewing the ads that pay for a broad variety of programming. But come on--the U.S. can't unite behind a mandate so people can have health insurance. We're supposed to justify one so they can have Mike & Molly?

TV folks, I understand that people pursue their self-interests. Your fine, fine reality shows have taught me that. But customers who want to use technology to better enjoy your shows shouldn't be your adversaries; they're opportunities. (Don't forget, 2 in 5 of us already have DVRs and you're still collecting ad checks.)

I hope you work it out. In the meantime, I will do my TV watching on the dark side. Because when skipping ads is outlawed, only outlaws will skip ads.

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