Cold Warrior

Bill McKibben spent decades writing about climate change. Now he's working to cool the planet one pipeline at a time

Jocelyn Lee for TIME

Booted up. McKibben loves his rural Vermont home, but climate activism keeps him on the road.

Bill McKibben misses winter. the 51-year-old environmental writer turned unlikely activist is marching through a frosting of snow outside his Vermont home, dodging the jabbing branches of spruce trees. McKibben has lived in and around the Adirondack and Green mountains since leaving New York City some two decades ago, and he remembers winters sunk "with a cold so deep, the trees would snap at night." But not this year. Scientists are already predicting that this winter could be the warmest in recorded history in the Northeastern U.S. In its place--thanks in part to man-made climate change--is something different and likely more...