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A policy withholding condolence letters signed by President Obama from families of troops who commit suicide; the change applies only to suicides while deployed.


George Ballas, 85, who invented the Weed Eater after trying to mow his tree-packed lawn; he created the prototype from a tin can and fishing wire.


Shark fishing and the sale of shark products, by the Bahamas, effectively turning the country's 243,000 sq. mi. (629,000 sq km) of territorial waters into a shark sanctuary; sharks are at risk because of demand for their fins in Chinese cuisine.


Otto von Habsburg, 98, onetime heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; he opposed the Nazis and later served in the European Parliament.


The 2018 Winter Olympics, to Pyeongchang, South Korea, over Munich and Annecy, France; the bid was the third by South Korea to host the Winter Games.


Robert Widmer, 95, aeronautical designer of the first supersonic bomber; Widmer later designed the F-16 Flying Falcon and the Tomahawk cruise missile.