• Austerity Measures Pass While Anger Erupts


    As riots and protests raged outside, the Greek Parliament passed a contentious set of austerity measures that allow the debt-ridden country a fresh set of loans to stave off default. But for many Greeks, the price of survival seems too steep: the austerity package, mandated by European bankers in order to prevent a regional crisis, involves tax increases, wage cuts and the forced privatization of billions of dollars' worth of public utilities. Before the vote, unions staged a 48-hour general strike, which effectively shut down the country.

    World by the Numbers

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    $2.3 million


    The winning bid for the only authenticated portrait of Billy the Kid, which was sold at auction in Denver

    4 million


    Attendance, estimated by organizers, at the world's largest gay-pride parade on June 26 in São Paulo



    Approximate number of people who may die when hospitals run out of antiretroviral AIDS drugs in two months

    190 m.p.h.


    Top speed of the new Beijing-to-Shanghai high-speed train, which officially opened to the public July 1



    Number of schools in England and Wales affected by a teachers' strike

    A Court Convenes, But Justice Is Far Away


    The war-crimes trial of four top Khmer Rouge officials by a U.N.-backed tribunal began in Phnom Penh. Doddering and infirm, the four stand accused of genocide and crimes against humanity. The Khmer Rouge, led by the murderous Pol Pot, killed 2 million Cambodians from 1975 to 1979. The trial, though, has been hampered by months of complications, not least the meddling of the Cambodian government, which counts former Khmer Rouge cadres in its ranks.

    IENG THIRITH, 79, Ieng Sary's wife and former Minister for Social Affairs

    Four top-ranking Khmer Rouge officials in the dock

    KHIEU SAMPHAN, 79, former Cambodian head of state under the Khmer Rouge

    NUON CHEA, 84, Pol Pot's main deputy and the regime's chief ideologue

    IENG SARY, 85, Khmer Rouge Foreign Minister and Pol Pot's brother-in-law

    Threats and Terrors


    Ethnic violence has now raged for over two weeks in South Kordofan, a state north of Sudan's border with newly formed South Sudan. As refugees flee, the northern regime has demanded that U.N. forces leave by July 9. Earlier, troops loyal to Khartoum forcibly removed 7,000 civilians taking shelter in a U.N. compound--their fate is unknown--and allegedly lined up peacekeepers in a mock firing squad.

    Hotel Raid Adds to Woes


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