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Claude Choules, World War I's last known combat veteran, at 110; he later became a pacifist and refused to march in parades that commemorated war.


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, after 25 years of marriage and four months after the end of Schwarzenegger's two terms as California governor.


Meredith Vieira, from NBC's Today show; Ann Curry will replace Vieira-- who has been co-host alongside Matt Lauer for the past five years--in June.


Willard Boyle, Nobel laureate and inventor of the "digital eye" that is part of virtually every camcorder, digital camera and telescope used today; he was 86.


Raj Rajaratnam, who ran one of the world's largest hedge funds, on 14 charges of fraud and conspiracy in a trial central to the federal crackdown on insider trading.


Belgian cyclist Wouter Weylandt, 26, while competing in the 2,189-mile (3,523 km) Giro d'Italia bike race; it was the Italian event's first fatality in 25 years.