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Though it may seem as if every summer for the past decade has been chock-full of comic-book movies, the 2011 blockbuster season is particularly bursting with muscle-bound men in silly costumes. It all kicks off on May 6 with Thor (directed, oddly enough, by Shakespearean stalwart Kenneth Branagh), followed by X-Men: First Class (June 3), Green Lantern (June 17) and Captain America: The First Avenger (July 22).


'This is going to feel so good, getting this thing off my chest.'

STEVE CARELL, as Michael Scott, removing his microphone and making one last "That's what she said" joke during his final episode of The Office. Carell is leaving the show after seven seasons to focus on his film career


Bottled Shame

Here comes a new low in the already bottom-heavy flavored-alcohol market: Cupcake Vodka. From the owners of Cupcake Vineyards, it comes in four flavors: chiffon, devil's food, frosting and just plain vodka. Teens looking for some-thing other than peach schnapps, you're in luck.


1. Endless TV-news anticipation over the royal wedding.

It's finally over! Now when's the next one?

2. Ahnold's return to the big screen.

It's happening, in either a fifth Terminator movie or a drama titled (no joke) Cry Macho.

3. That "why isn't Paula Abdul on my TV" feeling in your gut.

She might return to the tube on The X Factor.

4. Your George R.R. Martin withdrawal.

The Game of Thrones author has finished his first book in six years.

5. Superman as propagandist.

A new comic has the hero planning to renounce his U.S. citizenship.

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