A Push to Limit Abortion

An influx of conservative lawmakers, angst over health care reform and the Planned Parenthood "sting" have led to a spike in antiabortion bills.

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It isn't a well-documented problem, but a bill passed by the senate forbids a doctor to perform an abortion based on the race or sex of the fetus. At least three other states have similar proposals.


Republican governor Dennis Daugaard signed a law March 22 requiring women seeking an abortion to have dissuasive counseling and submit to a three-day waiting period, the longest in the U.S.


The Sunshine State is one of at least 10 to propose that an abortion be preceded by a mandatory ultrasound. Some bills require that the woman be shown the results.


Conservative legislators had two fetuses "testify" via ultrasound on behalf of a house bill that would prohibit abortion from being performed on a fetus with a detectable heartbeat.


A house bill would make "prenatal murder" a felony punishable under the state's homicide laws. Critics say the language would criminalize some miscarriages.