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Crucifixes in European public-school classrooms, by the European Court of Human Rights, overturning an earlier decision that had banned the religious icons.


Nikolai Andrianov, Russian gymnast who, with 15 medals, is the second most decorated male athlete in Olympic history after Michael Phelps.


The U.S.'s first full face transplant, in a 15-hr. operation by 30 doctors on a Texas construction worker who was badly disfigured after a 2008 power-line accident.

SUED by computing giant Apple, over the online retailer's use of the Appstore. Apple claims to have trademarked the name.


Google's deal with authors and publishers to put all books online, by a federal judge, who ruled that the agreement unfairly benefits the search engine.


Leonid Kuchma, former Ukrainian President, in the issuing of orders leading to the 2000 killing of an investigative journalist; he has denied any involvement.