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Republican leaders should announce that anyone who makes the President's citizenship an issue in a campaign will receive no funding from the Republican National Committee. They should be telling their constituencies that their party has far more important things to work on--health care, the deficit, global warming, the economy, the size of government, etc. Anyone who wastes time and money harping on something that is both not true and pointless to discuss is not concerned with the best interests of the citizenry and their party.

Philip Barnett, SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ.

Revolution Redux

Re "1848 vs. 2011: In the Shadow of the Past" [March 21]: If I were an advanced-placement social-studies teacher and Kurt Andersen had turned this in as his senior thesis, he would have received an A-plus (and a standing ovation) for pulling all these events together in such a coherent manner.

Patsy A. Jaynes, CONIFER, COLO.

Language, Language

I'm hoping you simply overlooked the offensive, provocative nature of the title of your story on Scott Walker ["Wisconsin Governor Wins, but Is He Now Dead Man Walker?" March 12]. As a longtime reader of Time, I find it deeply disappointing that employees of your magazine approved such wording. Please change it.

Darcy Mahler, MADISON, WIS.

A headline like the one you used is how you turn a well-written, on-point article on its head. It is in very poor taste, given the death threats against Walker. Why take the same path the Sarah Palin camp did with its crosshairs campaign?

Dave Matthias, ASTON, PA.

Nitpicker Know-How

Fifteen years ago, when my older son came home from first grade with lice, I researched and quickly rejected all recommended methods ["Bugged Out," March 21]. The chemicals were scarily harsh, the shampoo didn't work, and the combs weren't fine enough. I gave him a couple of homeopathic teething pills to calm his nerves, sat him down in the kitchen, put on a good pair of glasses and spent 90 minutes picking the nits out of his hair. We had to do it only once. Now the story is a legend. Pay $500? Are you crazy? And miss the opportunity to create a legend?

Barb Gazeley, PORTLAND, ORE.

Save your money! Treat the child's head with an over-the-counter lice product, buy a cheap Safari flea comb and comb the child's head twice a day until you get no bugs for two consecutive weeks.

Karen Abruzino, HUDSON, OHIO

He's a Contender

As a student of government (and in light of my still developing political principles), I write to praise the clarity and rationality of David Brooks in 10 Questions [March 21]. What's he doing in 2012?

Phillip A. Wood, SOUTH BEND, IND.

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